Untowards E​.​P.

by Shrug

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released May 16, 2016

Guitars & Vocals: Andrew Rolfsen
Bass: Mike Russell
Drums: Clinton Weber

Recorded and Mixed @ MillionYen Studios, Chicago, IL via Sciphonic Productions

Mastered by Jason Richards



all rights reserved


Shrug Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: Ace of Wands
That’s not what I said! Don’t put a spotlight on the wreckage
I’m trying to develop my vision here. Eye shakes to hold
the agreed-upon home. Can I bring you some water? Aren’t you thirsty?
Full grown, furious horses under my bed.

Aimed my spotlight on a palm tree, walked up sat down and soon fell asleep.
Then a mosquito came & drank the mystery from me.
Now waiting to be seen in great silence.
In general romantics are misheard clicks that grow to drum sets.
The heart lives in deeds; scrub the floor, sweat the labor.

Trading your light to keep theme alive.
In a circle of full grown furious horses, here comes
the first storm of paradise.

Can’t say I’ve never agreed, or had to run from anything I’ve loved.
Can I bring you some water? Aren’t you thirsty?

In one motion I threw the blankets off my bed, stood up and said,
Where are you now? Are you breathing? Are you fine?
Yeah, just hiding out in here for a while.
Are you still working your way through that sweater
or putting this off, pulling it off!

Your perfect little mystery looks good to you now
you’re putting in more than you know you’ll get out
And I told you enough was better than a feast
but who wants to listen when there’s so much to eat?
You’re like a dog sniffing a tattoo of a skull with roses for hair.
You’re confused, you see it but it isn’t there.

Into your sun-blessed life, into the first storm of paradise.
Track Name: Black Dog
With eyes like moss, not taking, just hanging
unrooted tangles of light translating
face blur over flower’s breath, breath of real breath
day takes my eyes to streets as leaves to roots
or truth to a little hurt feeling

Feel the boat crack and lift 
on the waves on your way across that green iris

Black dog in the sky coming closer to earth;
world of secrets i keep from the woman in my room.

A thousand miles from survival
I front opinion, I front the war
when she’s sighing and arched 
like lemon drips from my fingertips 
inside her perfect skin.
Anima and Animus sex suffocates in my swarming chest 

Black dog in the sky coming closer to earth;
the world of secrets I keep from the woman in my room.
Walking now in a dream, always losing the meaning
in a room with no heat did I know you or anything?

Breath of real breath
Black soil of earth
Black dog gets inside of her perfect skin
Track Name: Survivalism/Hannah
Can I blame loose godless youth?
No reach or the sight to change.
Can leave, won’t weep.
I used to place such luckless weight
on love I thought could eat my own.
I’m ripe and nothing fills me, you'll see.

Raising heat from the park
used to be so easy, I thought about
------- --------
through six months of snowfall.

She came to me in a dream
not lonely for a single thing,
left hope for the youth to carry
in their closed circle of beauty.
A sea of roses ahead, true love adrift on the waves
brushing against one another but it’s never the same.
Slid me a piece of cake
with that look on her face that says -
“we’re together, but only under the water

Can leave, won’t weep.
I’m ripe, nothing fills me.”

Slide me a piece of cake
with that look on your face that says
we’re together, but only out on the water

Can leave, won’t weep.
I’m light, nothing steals me.
Track Name: Upside Down Camera
Jon Colon and I after work, sat taking in the weather
smiling all wrong because we could not solve the upside down camera
Now I’m back in the service of volume, Spring in that of pale white shoots
All pushing up from underground

Young, demure, struggling to find the love that she's capable of
Younger, secure, showing me more than the mirror ever could
This beauty tears apart an orange, in the scent I am hers.
A cool dishwasher with a beard agrees.

Romantic or obsessive? Wolf stares down from his precipice
Flock of sheep in a cool valley, sun goes red and the light helps me forget
Angelic breath at my back that says
a past unclosed will unfold

Shipwrecked & drawing up a new ship,
its humble, eccentric & slightly dreamy.
Birth, we learned, is not a fixed point.
See our shoes on the floor by the bed? One is sleeping, the other isn't.
See our shoes on the floor by the bed?
Sometimes I just love the look of things.

May I die in summer with my hand upon a sill
and never in winter when the ground & sky are the same pale white.
Oh, so still. Ice on folded wings and Callery trees.